Bill Iacullo, President


If you are part of phase 2 or an rfp school and would like to volunteer to be a part of phase 1 beginning July 1, 2017 please follow the message below that Chris Williams, Exec Dir of Facilities asked me pass on to you. Note this is strictly voluntary and not mandatory.


Bill Iacullo, President


Phase II Engineers

CPS is in the process of working to finalize the list of IFM Phase I engineers based on seniority.  Prior to finalizing this list we would like to ask if there are any Phase II engineers that would be interested in volunteering to move to Phase I.  By volunteering to move you would be relocated to a Phase I school and would transition with that school under Aramark or Sodexo Magic. 
If you do have interest in volunteering to transition in Phase I instead of Phase II please complete the form below by 1PM Friday April 14, 2017.  


Some Engineers who were remaining CPS employees during Phase 1(2017) of the IFM and are part of Phase 2 (2018) received an email to apply to a private vendor who is transitioning in July 2017 Phase 1. This was based on your UNION seniority in an attempt to have extra candidates for the Phase 1 transition this July “if needed”. Note, that this does not mean that you will be transitioning in July 2017. The CPS is preparing enough candidates for possible need for Phase 1(2017). If there is a need for Phase 2 Engineers to transition to Phase 1 it will be done by UNION seniority. I assure your contractual right to Union seniority will be adhered to. If you had plans for today another opportunity will be given to sign up. You still may be part of Phase 2 (2018) and will be determined shortly. If you did sign up in adherence to the email from IFM Phase 1 and you will subsequently be able to remain in Phase 2 (2018) I have been assured by CPS, that your application to Phase 1 (2017) will be discarded and reversed and you will remain a CPS employee during Phase 1.


Bill Iacullo, President

The next membership meeting is

Thursday April13, 2017


Dunbar HS



Bill Iacullo, President



There has been a letter sent today to some engineers who are not part of phase 1. I was not aware of this until this afternoon. I am trying to clear up the errors in this message. When I get a resolution to this erroneous message I will post on this website


Thanks for your patience



To get copies of your certificates I have set up an email account that will be monitored by Brother Anthony DeBartolo.

provide the following

Full Name
Requested Certificate Name
Date Course taken
Cell Number


Today CPS sent a message out in the form of an email from transitions. The email is regarding your decision to opt to stay with CPS until Phase 2 in 2018 by invoking your seniority. It must be noted that I am still in negotiations with CPS to resolve what school you will work in if your present school is part of the Phase 1 transition and you choose to wait for Phase 2. So that part is not resolved yet. But CPS has set a method that you can notify CPS your intentions to stay with CPS until Phase 2 – 2018. Please make sure you follow this if you plan to stay to Phase 2.

NOTE: Seniority is the date you started working in any position covered in Local 143′ s bargaining unit.(Engineer or Apprentice)

I will update the web site when I have the procedure to select a school to work at for Phase 2.



The CPS instructions for notification are as follows:

A question was asked about what the process is for high seniority engineers looking to transition in Phase II. If any of your high seniority engineers have expressed that they want to transition in Phase II instead of Phase I then they should notify the Dept. of Facilities by sending an e-mail to ASAP. Its important to note that high seniority engineers who opt to transition in Phase II will be relocated to a Phase II school on July 1, 2017. They will then be transitioned with the Phase II school that they are assigned at on July 1, 2018.

If you have any other IFM questions please submit them to

Some Engineers who are in schools that are transitioning to Aramark employment have said they were diverted to another unknown vendor who is not part of the IFM. I have contacted Facilities and was told that will be resolved by tomorrow. If you signed up with a vendor other than Aramark this will be changed by information I will be given tomorrow.

Note: The IFM program was approved by the Chicago School Board Trustees in January with only 2 authorized employers of Engineers —- Aramark and Sodexo. I will update how to resolve your application to an unknown vendor when CPS contacts me tomorrow.



With regards to transitions:

  • If you choose to opt out of transitioning to Aramark or Sodexo in Phase 1 Local 143 and the CPS are working on a bid to allow selection of CPS run schools vacancies by seniority.
  • Seniority is the first date you started working in any position with CPS that is covered by Local 143-143B. An updated list will be posted next week.
  • Once CPS and Local 143 agree to how the bid will work to remain with CPS until Phase 2, I will call a special meeting to discuss. The date will be posted on this website


Pension information can obtained by calling the MEABF at 312-236-4700

Some helpful links are as follows:


I have received multiple calls and emails about the Green Sheet posted at 4:05pm yesterday FRIDAY MARCH 10th by CPS.

As you know, CPS has a contractual obligation to send all these types of communications to me first and I have 2 business days to review. The CPS did indeed send this Green Sheet to me asked me to review it. However I was NOT afforded the 2 days to review. It was sent to me at 11:30 am yesterday FRIDAY MARCH 10th. Before I had a chance to review and advise the CPS of what concerns this would raise, they violated our agreement and posted the GREEN SHEET anyway regardless of the contract terms. To be clear, I did not respond with comments to CPS about this Green Sheet that was sent to me just 4 hours before they posted it. Obviously there is some reason that CPS felt they did not have to honor our contract with regards to this and had to rush this announcement posting.

This having been said, Please note that you should not make any decision as to remaining at the school you are presently working in during Phase 1 and becoming a privatized employee by resigning from CPS in this 1st phase until the Union has gotten the questions critical to your decision answered by CPS. It is only fair to you that the issues and questions I have raised to CPS are answered before you are rushed into a decision. These questions have to date not been answered.

I am tentatively scheduling a meeting to assist you in this critical decision for next Saturday. I will notify all members of the time and place. Remember do not discuss your decisions with anyone except your union.  As always, it is  your union that has your best interests with regards to your employment.


  • The seniority date posted here on our website is the ONLY date to be used to determine your transition options. This is decision in PHASE 1 would be difficult at best to make until CPS answers our concerns.
  • You do not have to stay at the school you are presently working in Phase 1.
  • You will be afforded another chance to transition is Phase 2 if you choose to stay a CPS employee thought 2018
  • If you stay with CPS you will receive the 2% increase in pay on July 1, 2017 as per the contract and this increase will count towards your pension.
  • If you stay an employee of CPS and leave the school you are working at that is part of Phase 1, your salary scale will be same as the school you leave regardless of the size of the building you will work.

I remain Fraternally Yours,

Bill Iacullo, President