Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I realize that you have been hearing all different rumors and statement about our Collective Bargaining Agreement (Contract). Let me state that unless you hear it from me regarding your rights and conditions at work it is a RUMOR. Everything you are hearing are statements made by individuals who are not at our negotiating sessions, so there is no factual basis to what you are being told. Remember no new terms that are in conflict to our present contact will take effect until YOU have a chance to review them and VOTE on those changes. So until you hear it from me it is a RUMOR being told told to you by someone with NO facts.

We are making slow progress with CPS in negotiating a multi year bargaining agreement, but in negotiations this is not unusual.  The negotiations will likely continue past June 30th which is the date our present bargaining agreement expires. While we negotiate and until you as the members ratify a NEW bargaining agreement, the terms and conditions of our present agreement (Contract) remain in effect. You WILL be covered by our present Contract until a new contract is ratified by the membership. So please rely on this website and communication from me for factual information about your job.

Also, vendors who are participating in this so called “PILOT” are coming into schools included in the Pilot and may offer you a position. Do not make a rash decision a take an offer. Always call me if you are approached with an offer before accepting it. We are also negotiating terms which will effect your pay , seniority and any rights you will have in the unlikely event you would be working for these vendors. If you take an offer now any terms we negotiate will not apply as you will no longer be a CPS employee paying into your pension fund. TRUST ONLY your union not a vendor. Your union, LOCAL 143 IUOE is the only one that has your BEST interest in the action we take with regards to your job.

I fully understand the stress everyone is experiencing especially this summer with all these proposed changes. Once again, I repeat all these changes are proposed, nothing is cut in stone yet. Please stay in touch with our website This is a very unusual negotiation session, but not one that we as your union are not prepared to win the best agreement for YOU our members. So trust your Union and rely on ONLY what you hear from me. I thank you for all the hard work you all have been doing in providing the Chicago School Children a safe comfortable environment.

I remain Fraternally Yours,

Bill Iacullo, President

Today Local 143 held a press conference in front of CPS Headquarters


press conferenece


I have also set up a web sight for you to keep updated and for your signature for our petition.

The web site is


Press release OE 6-8-16 (1)


Sisters and Brothers


I have attached a letter from General President Callahan with great insight to the importance of this Presidential election. Please read the following and check out the links in the body of the letter.


Thank you

Bill Iacullo,  President Local 143. 143b

Dear William ,

The November elections are rapidly approaching and the Operating Engineers are gearing up. At the IUOE, we don’t live for politics, but the reality is that politics determine how we live.

Nothing has been normal about this election so far, including the fact that all three branches of government are in play. For the first time in memory, the outcome of this Presidential election will directly determine whether we will have a pro-worker majority on the Supreme Court.

The choice for President could not be more clear. The presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is anti-union, supports right-to-work, and believes American workers are paid too much. The presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is a strong supporter of working men and women, and has made boosting infrastructure and protecting labor standards a key part of her plans as President.

The IUOE has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President of the United States. We have produced this short video in support of Secretary Clinton. See “Job Done” here.

The Operating Engineers must and will be engaged in this election. The livelihoods of IUOE members and their families is on the line. Workplace protections and labor rights have been under assault on the state level for years; and now the attacks on workers’ rights will take center stage on the national level.

Please take a few minutes to find out more about Secretary Clinton and watch the “Job Done” video. We will be updating the web site throughout the election, so make sure to check back often. Please feel free to share the video with fellow Operating Engineers and your family members.

I understand that your vote is a personal decision. Your vote also has important implications for all Operating Engineers. That’s why the IUOE has taken the time to research the candidates’ record on the issues that matter most to Operating Engineer families. We hope that you find this information helpful.

Whatever decision you make, please make your plan to vote on November 8 in the general election. Millions of voters are going to the polls and Operating Engineers should lead the way in our communities.

Thank you,

James T. Callahan

General President

On behalf of IUOE LOCAL 143. 143B we honor our members and all those who served our country and gave their lives to insure and protect the freedoms we have.





At negotiations this week, the CPS rejected our generous offer which was significantly better, and had more cost savings to CPS than that of the Arbitrator, who CPS recently agreed with. It’s obvious this is not about cost savings even though CPS is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Our next step is that we will proceed with impact bargaining which will take place next week in conjunction with a 4 year agreement. I will update when I have more.

Please know, the fight has just begun and trust that I and your negotiating team will do everything in our power to get a fair contract for all of you. Local 143 has been here since 1902 and the safety and services we have provide for 115 years will not be disgraced by motives other than the best for the School Children of Chicago.


I remain Fraternally Yours,

Bill Iacullo, President

Local 143 Engineers

As you know we are in the process of negotiating a contract with CPS. So far they are offering us a 4 year agreement. But they have expressed to us that they want to expand in their words “The Pilot” of facility management as is being done in 33 New Schools that were once serviced by Hill Mechanical. It is my understanding that some of the schools that are being included this “Pilot Expansion” are schools where our members are retiring. However you may still be working at one of these schools presently and may be approached by a vendor who possibly take over the management of that school. If this is the case , please call me as soon as you are approached. You have seniority rights to stay a CPS employee and continue you pension fund with Municipal Fund as well as all other benefits of our contract. Any engineer position that might be affected by this move will be handled according to your seniority. I can’t say enough, do not agree to anything with a vendor, call your union President FIRST.

Bill Iacullo President


Dear Sisters and Brothers,

It is our priority is to always protect our members and keep you informed at every level. To date, Local 143 has had two negotiating sessions with Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and have several more scheduled.

I have also met with a number of high ranking elected officials to discuss our absolute opposition to the CPS’ proposal to outsource integrated facility management. My discussions included the impact the CPS’ actions would have on the pension system if we are taken out of the fund, the benefits of our members remaining CPS employees and the unnecessary high cost to CPS by privatizing services that we have always performed during our long rich history serving the Chicago Public School Children.

We made it clear based on our record of safety and performance that Local 143 Engineers remain the best, safest and most cost efficient course for CPS.  Your dedication to the service we provide has established a strong footing for our negotiations.  During our upcoming sessions, we will be negotiating a new 4-year contract based on our membership’s strength as highly skilled, stable and proven employees.

I understand your concerns and your seeing want ads, etc…. PLEASE BE ASSURED, I will continue our fight for what is right and I ask all of our members to continue our unity as we have done though every previous challenge. It’s because of this strength and brotherhood, Local 143 has prevailed. No one can match our record of safety in maintaining the aging , antiquated and outdated Chicago Public School buildings as we have as proud members of Local 143

I will continue to keep you updated on our progress over the coming months. I ask that you continue the great work all of you have done as proud Local 143 members. We are the best in school operations. It is a tribute to all of you and to our past members that our Local has served the CPS since 1902. Thank You.




Bill Iacullo, President

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Missing medical student Ambrose Monye is a family friend of Our Brother from IUOE Local 891, President Robert Troeller,

Any information would be greatly appreciated


Bill Iacullo, President

Dear Sister and Brother Members,

Today was our first negotiation session with CPS. As CPS did the last two contracts the session was started with their intent to privatize our work that we have done for the last 114 years. While this seems to be the standard method of CPS starting negotiations, I can assure you that I will fight as I have done in every previous contract negotiation.  Sometime today CPS will be sending you a communication regarding their intentions. As I stated, we are in negotiations and have several dates scheduled for further negotiations.

One thing I ask, is do not listen to rumors. There will be a lot of stories and spins on what is happening.  Do not listen to those stories. You will be informed by the union when agreements have been reached. Come to regular membership meeting tomorrow night at 7pm which will be held at Dunbar HS.

For now, I ask that we continue to perform our jobs and let your negotiating team do our job to obtain a new contract for all of you. I thank you for your hard work.



Dear Local 143 and 143B members

I met with the CPS Monday after to discuss the impact of Furlough days on our members.

To date I can offer the following: If you are working at a Charter School and school is in session on Friday March 25th, the CPS will cpontact you to work and will assign an alternative date for your Furlough Day. You will be paid for all hours worked on Friday.

If you have building rentals, the principals have been instructed on how to handle those particular situations.

If you had previously put in for benefit day it will be returned to your bank and you will be furloughed for Friday at this time.

I will continue our discussion with CPS regarding this matter and I will update you as new information evolves.



Bill Iacullo, Preisdent