There is a new process in renewing your engineers license.  The link below will take you to the Continental Testing who now manages the renewal of our licenses


Exam Information

Exam Title Exam Date Deadline City Fees
Written Oct 11, 2014 Sep 12, 2014 Hillside $70.00
Written Mar 21, 2015 Feb 20, 2015 Hillside $70.00
Written Jul 18, 2015 Jun 19, 2015 Hillside $70.00
Written Oct 17, 2015 Sep 18, 2015 Hillside $70.00

Application Fees

Fee Amount Comments
First Time Exam $70.00
Exam Retake $70.00
Initial License $30.00
License Renewal $30.00
Late Penalty $5.00 bi-annual renewal per year penalty
Certificate Replacement $15.00

Exam Contact

Name: Shirley Dziik
Email Us
Phone: (708) 354-9911
Ext: 103


Apply for Exam

For Online Applications:

Select Online Stationary Engineer Written Examination, Initial License, and License Renewal Applications.


At the June Membership meeting, as provided for in the by-laws, a vote was taken to suspend the July membership meeting. There will be no meeting this Thursday July 10th. The membership meetings will resume on August 14th.



Bill Iacullo, President

ATTENTION Engineers:


The newly advertised bid are ONLY the turn-around ASUL Schools. A more significant bid sheet will be advertised within the next couple of weeks. That sheet will include all the the other High Schools and Elementary Schools.







HAPPY 4th of July

Bill Iacullo, President

Dear Members,

The Board of Education has approved the agreement reached between  Local 143 and 143B and the CPS  on a onetime, lump sum payout to all members of Local 143-143B of your reserve days held in any reserve bank (RES, RES-1, Q etc…) This lumps sum payout will be based on your balances reflected on your check stubs. What ever balances show on your last check stub minus any days you may have submitted to take will be paid in the near future. When a projected payout date is established I will update this web site.

Also, as a reminder, July 1st, members will be receiving the negotiated 2% raise.


William E. Iacullo, President

Dear Engineers,


The City of Chicago has hired Continental Testing to handle all aspect of the City of Chicago’s Stationary Engineer License. As of June 01, 2014 in order to renew your Engineer’s License, you must renew it through the website of Continental Testing. At the present time there are no provisions for calling with a credit card. You must print out the form and mail as per instructions with a check. Please follow all instructions on Continental’s website.


The Website is


Bill Iacullo, President

Dear Engineers,

Late Friday you received a Green Sheet memo from Leslie Norgren, Director of Asset Management. Let me set the record straight,  I was never given the opportunity to review this “Green Sheet” before it was sent to you and do not approve or agree with the message in the first paragraph. In fact, it is an incorrect implication of any message I have ever given to our membership. This Green Sheet published Friday was a surprise to me as it was to all of you not to mention I have met with the Director twice last week and there was no mention of a Green Sheet to be sent out. As you know, by contract, I as president, have a right and obligation to review these communications before they are sent to you from our employer. Had this contract provision been followed, the first paragraph would have not been included in the communication to you. It is not the message this Local under my leadership has ever given nor is it the right of anyone to interpret what I have said at our meetings or in writing or to put words in my mouth. While it’s not clear to me what or who is at the bottom of this inaccurate accounting of my message, I assure you, the members, that I will pursue the root of this and also meet with CPS to prevent messages from being delivered without my review of them as called for in our contract.

The notion that Engineers of Local 143 are not team players is ludicrous at best. Since 1902 to present (112 years) Local 143 Engineer’s philosophy has always been   “Dedicated to the Safety and Comfort of the School Children of the Chicago Public Schools”. This past winter IS proof positive of this. We were the only employees in the buildings on the most severe of all those days and we did it with 150 less engineers saving CPS well over $13 million  since 2012.

Once again I commit to you that I will meet with the CPS and insure that before messages go out, I will be provided an opportunity to review them and prevent further implications and quotations that do not correctly reflect what my message is.

On behalf of the members of Local 143 and Local 143B we extend our sincere gratitude to all who have served our great country. We are forever grateful for your service to ensure our freedoms. A special remembrance today for all of our members, active, retired or deceased for their service.

Thank You!

The Officers and members of Local 143-143B

Some of the Aramark representatives are telling principals that the day to day management of custodians can be delegated to the engineer. This is NOT a true statement and must be reported immediately to Dennis Temple at CPS Operations. Aramark is fully responsible for the custodial operations in their entirety and you as an engineer can not be assigned to manage the custodians or perform custodial duties. The Aramark Corporation is being paid to fully manage, supervise and perform all custodial operations at your school. You are to follow your contract and perform maintenance as per the MESA and assignments from your Facility Manager.

Please inform me if you are being directed to direct, supervise or perform custodial operations.


William E. Iacullo, President


In single engineer buildings and highest ranking engineers in multiple engineer buildings, your hours are between 6am and 6pm. You don’t leave at 1:30pm if asked to start at 5am. By contract, you will be paid overtime for hours prior to 6am and after 6pm. You can not adjust the schedule to leave at early.

This has been agreed to with Operations that you will be paid overtime on the election days if starting at 5am if you are a single building engineer or the highest ranking engineer.


William E. Iacullo, President


If you are assigned to work at more than one school, please let me know. You are due extra pay per month. 2 schools  $125.00  3 schools $200.00 and 4 schools $250.00


Bill Iacullo, President