Dear Engineers,

A form was distributed, asking for your signature. I have sent this to our attorney for advice and will update this message when I have a legal opinion.

Bill Iacullo, President

Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Due to a conflict in schedules, the February Membership meeting will be held on Thursday February 4, 2016 at 7 pm at Dunbar HS. Please note this change from the second Thursday of the month is only for February 2016.


Bill Iacullo, President

Dear members of Local 143 and 143B,

I am sure you have been hearing terms such as bankruptcy and take over of CPS. It is true the Governor is attempting to move towards those. At this time, though everything being said about this are rumors, speculations and opinions. Unless you hear it from me, any information regarding those issues or anything else for that matter regarding your job, should be considered as a RUMOR. When I am sure of anything that will affect your job, be assured that I will promptly notify the membership. So please do not believe anything regarding our status of employment from anyone, unless you hear it directly from me. This includes, co-workers, cps personnel, vendors and so on. CPS communicates directly to your union through me not though any other source.

These are difficult times and we are constantly being bombarded with rumors and speculations from every where. The union is your ONLY trusted source.

As always, I appreciate your hard work and efforts in providing the best possible environment for the School Children of Chicago.


William E. Iacullo, President



Sisters and Brothers,


If you are interested in registering for Classes please follow the directions on the link below



Recently we have been asked to upload our engineer licenses, boiler inspection certificates and pool inspection certificates. I have been informed that engineers sign on rules to Maximo do not allow for attachments, uploads etc…

Scan copies of your boiler inspection certificates, pool inspection certificates and engineers license and send to your Facility Manager, who in turn will add them to Maximo, as the Fm has the supervisory capability to add these to Maximo.










On Behalf of IUOE Local 143-143B, I thank all the veterans who have served our country to provide the freedoms we have and enjoy. I especially want to thank our members who have served and salute their service.


Bill Iacullo, President

Next membership meeting is:
Thursday November 12, 2015 at 7pm
Dunbar HS.


Classes will start shortly. You should receive a mailing by next week with details.


Local 143 and 143B members

The Local has been informed that CPS is monitoring sick day usage. Patterns of miss-use will be addressed by the CPS. As negotiated in our bargaining agreements, please keep in mind that sick days either current or grandfathered are for use of a personal illness or an illness of an immediate family members. Also note that absences in excess of 5 days must have a doctors note.


Bill Iacullo, Preisdent




Please use this link to view schools being offered for BID. You should check this link often if interested as schools are added as they become available