Dear Sister and Brother Members,

Today was our first negotiation session with CPS. As CPS did the last two contracts the session was started with their intent to privatize our work that we have done for the last 114 years. While this seems to be the standard method of CPS starting negotiations, I can assure you that I will fight as I have done in every previous contract negotiation.  Sometime today CPS will be sending you a communication regarding their intentions. As I stated, we are in negotiations and have several dates scheduled for further negotiations.

One thing I ask, is do not listen to rumors. There will be a lot of stories and spins on what is happening.  Do not listen to those stories. You will be informed by the union when agreements have been reached. Come to regular membership meeting tomorrow night at 7pm which will be held at Dunbar HS.

For now, I ask that we continue to perform our jobs and let your negotiating team do our job to obtain a new contract for all of you. I thank you for your hard work.



Dear Local 143 and 143B members

I met with the CPS Monday after to discuss the impact of Furlough days on our members.

To date I can offer the following: If you are working at a Charter School and school is in session on Friday March 25th, the CPS will cpontact you to work and will assign an alternative date for your Furlough Day. You will be paid for all hours worked on Friday.

If you have building rentals, the principals have been instructed on how to handle those particular situations.

If you had previously put in for benefit day it will be returned to your bank and you will be furloughed for Friday at this time.

I will continue our discussion with CPS regarding this matter and I will update you as new information evolves.



Bill Iacullo, Preisdent

Dear Members


Recently there has been changes to how payroll for Engineers is entered through TKC.  Please know this was done without notification to the Local. Our contract assures that all changes to our terms and conditions of employment must be first brought to my attention and then negotiated as to the impact to the members.

I have been informed that many of you have had shortages in your paychecks due to these changes. That being said, I have set up an email account that you can send me your issues and shortages. Please be specific and attach any documentation.

Please send your payroll issues to

NOTE you should resolve these issues with your LFM and FM. The purpose of this email is to provide me the documentation I need to prove the impact to our membership.



Bill Iacullo, Presient

Dear Members,

Tonight the CPS announced an unprecedented and  unfair cut to our pay by instituting 3 furlough days. This was not discussed  and is not being taken lightly by the Local. While i realize there has been much talk about money shortages, there are other ways to save money,  but CPS would rather take unprecedented actions and make their employees pay for their fiscal miss management.

Be assured I am exploring all legal avenues to stop this unjust cut in pay. Further I will also meet with the other CPS unions to work on  a collaborative effort against this unacceptable action.

I know all of you have been pushed to the limit and have been threatened about quotas. I am sending notice that quotas are mandatory subjects of bargaining and cannot be arbitrarily imposed nor can you be disciplined for them.

I will update when I have further information.


Bill Iacullo President

Dear Engineers,

A form was distributed, asking for your signature. I have sent this to our attorney for advice and will update this message when I have a legal opinion.

Bill Iacullo, President

Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Due to a conflict in schedules, the February Membership meeting will be held on Thursday February 4, 2016 at 7 pm at Dunbar HS. Please note this change from the second Thursday of the month is only for February 2016.


Bill Iacullo, President

Dear members of Local 143 and 143B,

I am sure you have been hearing terms such as bankruptcy and take over of CPS. It is true the Governor is attempting to move towards those. At this time, though everything being said about this are rumors, speculations and opinions. Unless you hear it from me, any information regarding those issues or anything else for that matter regarding your job, should be considered as a RUMOR. When I am sure of anything that will affect your job, be assured that I will promptly notify the membership. So please do not believe anything regarding our status of employment from anyone, unless you hear it directly from me. This includes, co-workers, cps personnel, vendors and so on. CPS communicates directly to your union through me not though any other source.

These are difficult times and we are constantly being bombarded with rumors and speculations from every where. The union is your ONLY trusted source.

As always, I appreciate your hard work and efforts in providing the best possible environment for the School Children of Chicago.


William E. Iacullo, President



Sisters and Brothers,


If you are interested in registering for Classes please follow the directions on the link below



Recently we have been asked to upload our engineer licenses, boiler inspection certificates and pool inspection certificates. I have been informed that engineers sign on rules to Maximo do not allow for attachments, uploads etc…

Scan copies of your boiler inspection certificates, pool inspection certificates and engineers license and send to your Facility Manager, who in turn will add them to Maximo, as the Fm has the supervisory capability to add these to Maximo.