Our next regular membership meeting is as follows


THURSDAY January 12, 2017


Dunbar HS

Bill Iacullo President of the  The  International Union of Operating Engineers Local 143 On The Wayne Besen Show 11.21.16




Dear Local 143 Members,


I will be interviewed today Monday November 21st at 4:35pm on “The Wayne Besen Show” WCPT  Progressive Talk Radio 820 AM.

I will be talking about the wasting of  over $200 million dollars per year by CPS in privatizing services that we have provided for over 115 years.  You can listen live on AM 820, or on Tune In Radio app on your cell phone or at the following link on you computer:


Bill Iacullo, President



On behalf of Local 143-143b Officers, Executive Board and members, I would like to thank all of our Military Veteran  members and all Veterans who have served our Country in preserving the peace, we as citizens are able to enjoy.

Bill Iacullo, President



Dear Members,


Please note there will be no union meeting on Thursday November 10, 2016. The details of our new five year contract are being mailed and in order to give you time to read the details before a ratification vote is taken I have rescheduled the monthly membership meeting where a ratification vote will be taken

The meeting will be, Note the new time as well:



6 PM


Bill Iacullo, President

Dear Engineers,

It has come to my attention at the meetings held in the collaborative regions you are being told that if your school is privatized into the IFm Program  you will have become a private engineer and that your seniority does not count for you to remain a CPS EMPLOYEE. This is a FALSE statement. You have the choice to stay a CPS engineer by your seniority and do not have to be terminated and become a private engineer at a lower rate of pay and a different pension fund.

If the school you are working at becomes part of the IFM program, you would be able to work at a non IFM school as a CPS employee at your current rate. So please know that regardless of what is being said you do have seniority rights and do not have to take a cut in pay and loose your pension if the school you are working at now becomes one of the first to be in the IFM program with Sodexo or Aramak. The statements being made about at your meetings are not from the union and not in line with your contract. The union urges you to stay with CPS as long as you can to insure your pay and pension rights. Do not be convinced a transfer to a private vendor, this is not in your best intrest. The only one looking out for you rights is your union LOCAL 143.


Bill Iacullo, President


The CPS is short staffing engineers and as a result many schools are without an engineer. While we remain committed to supporting the schools, the number of engineers has fallen below a limit that schools can safely be managed due to no fault of our own. I am working with Operations to hire additional engineers before the severe months of winter. Until this happens , some engineers are being transferred involuntarily. I have included wording from our contract that covers involuntary transfers. Please refer to it and notify the union if have been transferred involuntarily and you feel your contractual rights have been violated please contact the union.

If you bid a school and you are being involuntarily transferred please refer to the section below of our contract which is appendix D section H “INVOLUNTARY TRANSFERS”

Involuntary Transfers

  1. Engineers will not be involuntarily moved once they have successfully bid for transfer, except on a temporary basis (not to exceed fourteen (14) calendar days in a 365 day period) or for operational or other legitimate business reasons.

     2. Involuntary transfers shall not be disciplinary or punitive in nature.  

     3. The highest ranking engineer shall not be subject to involuntary transfers.  

  • Prior to involuntary transfer, the Union will be provided with a description of what the member is being asked to do at the new assigned location and an accounting of the staffing availability elsewhere.


Bill Iacullo, President


I.U.O.E. Local 143 – 143B  Endorses Hillary Clinton for President.

I urge all members and their families to vote on November 8. Hillary Clinton is the ONLY candidate running who will protect our rights as a Union. She is AGAINST Right to Work. She will also appoint at least 3 Justices to the US Supreme Court.

Please read the post below that lists the reason for voting for Hillary Clinton.


Bill Iacullo


Sisters and Brothers of Local 143-143b please visit the link below at the CTU WEBSITE



Bill Iacullo, President