On Tuesday Local 143 and Chicago Principals Association held a Press Conference to urge the un-elected school Board not to approve the costly Unnecessary Integrated Facility Management plan .


Union President Bill Iacullo remarks 1-24-17 final

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Dear Engineers,

I attended today’s Chicago Board of Education meeting and spoke against the Integrated Facilities Management program.  President of the Chicago’s Principal and Administrators Association Troy A. LaRaviere joined me and also spoke forcefully against IFM and on behalf of Local 143’s members.

As anticipated, at 3:30 PM the Board voted unanimously to approve the IFM program.  Although not all schools were included today, CPS will be meeting with us and our attorneys shortly to discuss transition in the schools impacted. I can assure you our contract provisions with regard to seniority will be enforced in full.

In the interim, please do not listen to any rumors about how this will work.  The only official word and updates will be announced ONLY from me. Any other advice or offers are NOT enforceable and have no union approval.

Please watch for further communication.  We will be keeping you well informed throughout the transition process and will remain diligent in protecting Local 143’s membership.

I Remain Fraternally Yours,


To All Combined School Engineers,

If your combined square footage is more than 125,000 square feet please email the names of the schools, their square footage, your name and a cell phone number to:





Bill Iacullo, President


CPS building engineers say privatization effort will be costly


Lauren FitzPatrick

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Chicago Public Schools building engineers say a plan to put the rest of the district’s schools under private facilities management companies is going to cost the broke school system dearly.

And they’re surprised the district has already planned which schools will be managed by Aramark and SodexoMAGIC before the Board of Education has inked a deal with the two companies, whose past work has drawn complaints.

CPS won’t say how much the “integrated management services” might cost, nor would the district demonstrate they would save any money for the school system still begging state lawmakers for $215 million to balance its current operating budget.

“I know damn well they will not save any money,” said Bill Iacullo, president of the International Operating Engineers Local 143. “They’re wasting big-time money, and they know it.”

Chicago is the only school district in the state not required to publish a cost study before privatizing services, Iacullo said.

CPS wants the transition complete by the summer of 2018. Few details about the new plans have been publicized.

A vote to put the rest of CPS schools under Aramark and SodexoMAGIC for things like pest control, snow removal and some building repairs could come as soon as the school board meeting Wednesday. More than 80 schools are part of a pilot program.

CPS spokesman Michael Passman said the meeting agenda, scheduled to become public by 10 a.m. Monday, wasn’t finalized as of late Friday. He wouldn’t say anything about cost or savings, referring to a press release from April when CPS put out a request for proposals that described the conversion as “cost neutral.”

Passman touted a “single point of contact” for principals to manage their buildings.

Troy LaRaviere, head of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association, said school leaders do want that single point of contact; they just want control over school engineers back.

Of 269 principals who responded to an annual survey about facilities, 88 percent “agreed or strongly agreed” when asked, “Should CPS return engineers to the supervision of principals?” he said. Five percent disagreed.

“Why are we paying these companies several hundred million dollars to do what our engineers already do?” LaRaviere said. “This is not integrated facilities management. This is absentee facilities management. The people who are supposed to manage our engineers are not in our buildings.”

Carbon monoxide problems in schools last year — namely at Prussing Elementary, where children and teachers were hospitalized — happened after engineers were absent, he said. LaRaviere also questioned why companies that have cost more than projected and continue to draw complaints are being rewarded with more work.

CPS paid Aramark more than $7 million extra in its first year of cleaning schools because 3.2 million square feet, including 22 entire schools, weren’t included in original estimates.

CPS pays SodexoMAGIC, a partnership between Sodexo and NBA great and mayoral campaign contributor Magic Johnson, to oversee engineers as well as custodians in 63 schools. The initial $80 million, three-year contract for 33 schools was approved in 2014, at the same time as a $260 million Aramark deal to privatize custodial management.

Aramark’s cleaning results, which immediately angered school leaders, overshadowed those of SodexoMAGIC. The district has insisted that SodexoMAGIC’s pilot schools felt “very positive” about services.

Aramark also began overseeing 18 schools in the facilities management pilot program when it was expanded last May and added six more late in the summer, Passman said.

Aramark spokeswoman Karen Cutler said that “Aramark’s custodial contract with Chicago Public Schools continues to operate on budget and deliver the service and savings the company promised the school district and taxpayers. . . . As for our ability to provide additional IFM services beyond the pilot locations, we are confident.”

About 480 engineers working for CPS will be laid off, though the district says they can reapply for their jobs under a different union. It’s not clear how many will qualify or how much they will be paid.

Iacullo said when they go, some will be able to take a lump-sum retirement payout, which will pose an additional cost and further burden on the Municipal Employees’ Annuity and Benefit Fund.


The CPS is broke on purpose and is about to give out a costly unnecessary contract as well as control of their aging facilities. Thus Privatizing functions we have provided for over 115 years. Please call you alderman and ask them to pressure the Board members not to approve this costly contract. Since the school board is not elected your Alderman is the only avenue that can be used to influence the Board members

 Because of a loophole in the Illinois School code, the unelected , the Mayor Appointed Board of Trustees for CPS is the only school district in the state that does NOT have to prove cost savings or have public hearings before privatizing in house services. Guess who the contracts are being steered to? Big contributors! Not being able to manage services now that CPS had managed in house for over 115 years your tax dollars are being used to pay a “FOR PROFIT”  contractor whose goal is to yield the highest profit with little investment in manpower and limit services. Boilers are dangerous and vigilance of these pressure vessels should not be left to profit motivated individuals. The decision makers at CPS have been il advised by non technical staff who have NO experience in the field of building operations. This is another scheme of the magnitude of Barbara Byrd Bennett. Guess who pays for these schemes? You the tax payers. And CPS gives all the teachers principals and staff unpaid furlough days so they save money for contractor friends who contribute to political leaders.


Please read the following media release

Media Advisory Operating Engineers 1-22-17.pdf                  

Dear Members,

The most recent move by CEO Claypool to take away 1.9% of our pay to pay for their mis management of funds is unacceptable and unfair to workers who had nothing to do with the extreme budget shortfalls. I have issued a Press Release this week. Please select the file below to read. Further responses from your union to address these unfair actions by the CPS  are forth coming and will be updated on this website.



Press Release Furlough Days 1-16-17

Bill Iacullo President of the  The  International Union of Operating Engineers Local 143 On The Wayne Besen Show 11.21.16




Dear Local 143 Members,


I will be interviewed today Monday November 21st at 4:35pm on “The Wayne Besen Show” WCPT  Progressive Talk Radio 820 AM.

I will be talking about the wasting of  over $200 million dollars per year by CPS in privatizing services that we have provided for over 115 years.  You can listen live on AM 820, or on Tune In Radio app on your cell phone or at the following link on you computer:


Bill Iacullo, President



On behalf of Local 143-143b Officers, Executive Board and members, I would like to thank all of our Military Veteran  members and all Veterans who have served our Country in preserving the peace, we as citizens are able to enjoy.

Bill Iacullo, President



Dear Members,


Please note there will be no union meeting on Thursday November 10, 2016. The details of our new five year contract are being mailed and in order to give you time to read the details before a ratification vote is taken I have rescheduled the monthly membership meeting where a ratification vote will be taken

The meeting will be, Note the new time as well:



6 PM


Bill Iacullo, President