Dear Sister and Brother Engineers

As you know by now the UNELECTED School Board members approved unanimously the half billion contract awards to the two favored IFM vendors regardless of the fact CPS is broke and employees are asked to loose pay in the way of furlough days to fund these type NON TRANSPARENT expenditures. The concerning part is that these UNELECTED members voted with NO cost study to prove savings as is required of every school district in Illinois except Chicago. Further, they admitted it was not to save money but to help principals more efficiently. They called it “Cost Neutral” which is a term used by political privatizers to falsely justify the higher cost of privatizations. This contract will cost CPS hundreds of millions of dollars more per year which should be spent on education and not rewarding campaign donating vendors. The fact is, principals DO NOT want this so called “Efficient program” as was so eloquently explained to the UNELECTED Board members at their meeting on January 25, 2017 by Troy LaRaviere, President of the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association. Regardless of his plea, to return the engineers to the principal’s oversight as is clearly stated in the Illinois School Code, these UNELECTED, rubber stamp members voted to proceed with this haphazard plan.

This being said, it has been brought to my attention that last week at a meeting of all the FM and LFM types, the head of facility operations, Chris Williams said that I have all the information about this program. Let me set the record straight, that is not true and I can tell you have not even been approached about the transition by anyone in Operations. The only thing I have been told during this whole privatization scheme is that the vendors are being asked to hire us if we meet their qualifications. End of story of what I have been told. The same information you were given in the contract violating memo sent from Alfonso de Hoyas Acosta on Tuesday January 24, 2017, is the same information I recieved from that same memo at the same you all recieved it. Note, this memo was sent a day before the UNELECTED school board was to vote on the IFM signalling to me, that the vote was a done deal. All of the UNELECTED school board members would approve and they did.

To date, CPS has not met with me to discuss the transition. When they do, I will update you, the members. I urge you—PLEASE— do not reach out to anyone but me for information about the transition or your rights. Any information you get from anyone else is purely rumor, speculation or their own opinion and not factual. Once again, presently, I have not met with CPS about transition and have no further information but will update this web page as information becomes available. You may be approached and told that it is beneficial to stay at your school. If you did not hear it from me do not believe anything your are told. Please be assured your new contract is in force and your seniority rights will prevail.



Bill Iacullo