Along with our attorney, I met with CPS yesterday Tuesday February 21, 2017 to discuss the proposed transition to this IFM program. From this meeting I can tell you, as of today, there is nothing to report other than the Zones that are intended on being given to the IFM vendors : 1,5,6,7,10 and 12 and that the proposed transition date is July 1, 2017.

It became apparent at yesterday’s meeting that no thoughtful or educated discussion would be possible regarding any type of transition until much needed detailed information is shared with the Union from CPS. This information has been formally requested and will be reviewed by the union and our attorney  and subsequently shared with you, the members, when Local 1143 receives the documents from CPS.  The schools in the regions listed above and slated for the proposed transition in July is part of this documentation as to date the Union has not been formally notified of those schools by CPS.

My advice is that you do not discuss any type of transition with anyone until you hear from the union. There has been no agreements of terms or procedures. There is so much left to be discussed before any type of descsion should be made it is not in your best interest to make any descsion NOW.

Your seniority will be as per our contract and any transition to non IFM schools in July must be worked out before I can advise you of the terms. So please, do not discuss anything about transitioning until you hear from Local 143, your Union. Anything said prior to that has not been agreed to by your union and would be subject to change or not being true.

To recap, the meeting yesterday was purely infomration gathering. No discussions about the details of transaction were made. The employer made it  known their intent was to transition Zones 1,5,6,7,10 and 12 July 1st but the details of those schools has not been given to the union as this date. When CPS provides us with a list of schools in those Zones I will post it here on our website.

Once again, no agreement was made to date. I recommend that you do not discuss any movement, transition or any other details regarding this IFM program until I have met with CPS. Once the documentation is recieved and after a thorough review of thier documentation, I will formally advise you of your rights and the details. If you are approached by anyone please let me know.

The website will be updated as more information is available.


Bill Iacullo, President