Dear Engineers

During the next few days the quarterly Collaborative meetings are being held in your collaborative area by your LFM. At these meetings some information about  Integrated Facility Management  is being given. Please note this is preliminary information, however you should listen and ask questions about CPS’ role Union issues can only be answered by your Union. On your behalf, I have requested several documents from the CPS with regards to the impact to you of this IFM. Once I receive these documents, I will post the names of the 1st wave of schools. At this point, until I am officially notified of the names of the schools in this first wave, they can not be correctly identified.

You are being told about the impact if the school you are presently working at is part of the first wave. I want to assure you, at negotiations this past summer, the union has insured your protections in our new 5 year contract. This 5 year bargaining agreement has your best interests covered and has your seniority rights covered.  Remember the Union is the only one who has your best interests in hand. Do not discuss any type of transition until your union has informed you that CPS and the union have agreed on the terms. Your rights will be applied when any decision will have to be made, so you will have a choice to stay with CPS during this 1st wave or take a position with the vendor, the union will inform you before you have to make your decision. At this point the Union can not advise you about this choice until I receive detailed information about any transition. Please note, I will call a special meeting on to discuss your union rights with regards to this transition.

If you remain with CPS during the 1st wave your seniority will count for your opportunity to stay with CPS and where you will work if the school you are presently working at is part of the 1st wave

As with any proposed changes in CPS, many rumors and concerns are out there. I will attempt to clarify rumors as I continue to update you.

Rumor  : You have to stay at the school you are presently working.

Fact :  No your seniority will give the opportunity to remain with CPS during the 1st wave

Rumor : You will not be offered a position if you decline the position with the IFM vendor  in the 1st wave.

Fact : No, during the entire transition though 2nd wave of 2018 you will be offered employment with vendor as per our contract negotiations.

Rumor : Local 143 does not have a contract

Fact : Local 143 has a 5 year contract from 2016 through 2021 which includes a 2% raise  July 1, 2017 and 2% raises subsequent years.

Rumor : Being members of local 143 you cannot be a CPS employee under the IFM

Fact : The decision is up to CPS for us  to remain CPS employees and managed by the IFM, but nothing would prevent this as with the Custodial Workers who are CPS employees under the Aramark and Sodexo custodial IFM pilots and subsequently have remained with Local 73. This is not a logistical issue it is a CPS management decision.

Concern : Pay lanes with the IFM vendor

Answer: The IFM vendors have a contract under the IFM pilots and there are 2 pay lanes: Engineer and Chief Engineer. The pay is not the same as the CPS pay rates.

Concern: Your Pension with IFM

Answer: If you leave CPS employment and become an employee of the IFM vendor you will no longer be in the Municipal Employees Pension fund, your current pension. You will not loose money you have put in to the fund.

Concern: What happens if the IFM is discontinued by CPS

Answer: During the entire life of our 5 year contract if the IFM program is discontinued by CPS engineer postions revert back to CPS employees

Concern: Which of the 2 pay scales would you be if you leave CPS to work for an IFM vendor

Answer: The Union is scheduled to meet with CPS March 7th to discuss the transition. The union will subsequently meet with the 2 IFM vendors to discuss their method of determining which of the 2 pay scales you would be employed at before you transition.

Concern: There will be a waiting period for health insurance if you leave the CPS and work for the IFM vendor.

Answer: While that would normally be the decision of the IFM vendor, the  CPS through Operations has assured us that there will not be a break in health care.