Dear Engineers


These past few days there have been meetings at the collaboratives. While most questions cannot be answered at this time about the specifics of this IFM, I assure you that once I receive the detailed documentation from CPS I will be able to identify which schools are involved in phase 1 and what engineers have to make a choice in the first phase to transition employment to a private vendor or to move to a school which is not part if phase 1.  All these transitions are governed by our seniority in the contract.

I will hold a special meeting for engineers to discuss the information once it becomes available me.  At this point, the information being disseminated is unreliable at best.

In addition, part of CPS’ presentation has been regarding Union representation under a private contract.  CPS has no knowledge about and is not in a position to discuss internal union matters. Those issues are to be decided by the International Union of Operating Engineers and will be communicated to you at the appropriate time and from the appropriate Union representative.

Note any questions about pension should be directed to the pension fund.


Keep checking this site for more information.


Bill Iacullo, President