I have received multiple calls and emails about the Green Sheet posted at 4:05pm yesterday FRIDAY MARCH 10th by CPS.

As you know, CPS has a contractual obligation to send all these types of communications to me first and I have 2 business days to review. The CPS did indeed send this Green Sheet to me asked me to review it. However I was NOT afforded the 2 days to review. It was sent to me at 11:30 am yesterday FRIDAY MARCH 10th. Before I had a chance to review and advise the CPS of what concerns this would raise, they violated our agreement and posted the GREEN SHEET anyway regardless of the contract terms. To be clear, I did not respond with comments to CPS about this Green Sheet that was sent to me just 4 hours before they posted it. Obviously there is some reason that CPS felt they did not have to honor our contract with regards to this and had to rush this announcement posting.

This having been said, Please note that you should not make any decision as to remaining at the school you are presently working in during Phase 1 and becoming a privatized employee by resigning from CPS in this 1st phase until the Union has gotten the questions critical to your decision answered by CPS. It is only fair to you that the issues and questions I have raised to CPS are answered before you are rushed into a decision. These questions have to date not been answered.

I am tentatively scheduling a meeting to assist you in this critical decision for next Saturday. I will notify all members of the time and place. Remember do not discuss your decisions with anyone except your union.  As always, it is  your union that has your best interests with regards to your employment.


  • The seniority date posted here on our website is the ONLY date to be used to determine your transition options. This is decision in PHASE 1 would be difficult at best to make until CPS answers our concerns.
  • You do not have to stay at the school you are presently working in Phase 1.
  • You will be afforded another chance to transition is Phase 2 if you choose to stay a CPS employee thought 2018
  • If you stay with CPS you will receive the 2% increase in pay on July 1, 2017 as per the contract and this increase will count towards your pension.
  • If you stay an employee of CPS and leave the school you are working at that is part of Phase 1, your salary scale will be same as the school you leave regardless of the size of the building you will work.

I remain Fraternally Yours,

Bill Iacullo, President