Today CPS sent a message out in the form of an email from transitions. The email is regarding your decision to opt to stay with CPS until Phase 2 in 2018 by invoking your seniority. It must be noted that I am still in negotiations with CPS to resolve what school you will work in if your present school is part of the Phase 1 transition and you choose to wait for Phase 2. So that part is not resolved yet. But CPS has set a method that you can notify CPS your intentions to stay with CPS until Phase 2 – 2018. Please make sure you follow this if you plan to stay to Phase 2.

NOTE: Seniority is the date you started working in any position covered in Local 143′ s bargaining unit.(Engineer or Apprentice)

I will update the web site when I have the procedure to select a school to work at for Phase 2.



The CPS instructions for notification are as follows:

A question was asked about what the process is for high seniority engineers looking to transition in Phase II. If any of your high seniority engineers have expressed that they want to transition in Phase II instead of Phase I then they should notify the Dept. of Facilities by sending an e-mail to ASAP. Its important to note that high seniority engineers who opt to transition in Phase II will be relocated to a Phase II school on July 1, 2017. They will then be transitioned with the Phase II school that they are assigned at on July 1, 2018.

If you have any other IFM questions please submit them to