Some Engineers who were remaining CPS employees during Phase 1(2017) of the IFM and are part of Phase 2 (2018) received an email to apply to a private vendor who is transitioning in July 2017 Phase 1. This was based on your UNION seniority in an attempt to have extra candidates for the Phase 1 transition this July “if needed”. Note, that this does not mean that you will be transitioning in July 2017. The CPS is preparing enough candidates for possible need for Phase 1(2017). If there is a need for Phase 2 Engineers to transition to Phase 1 it will be done by UNION seniority. I assure your contractual right to Union seniority will be adhered to. If you had plans for today another opportunity will be given to sign up. You still may be part of Phase 2 (2018) and will be determined shortly. If you did sign up in adherence to the email from IFM Phase 1 and you will subsequently be able to remain in Phase 2 (2018) I have been assured by CPS, that your application to Phase 1 (2017) will be discarded and reversed and you will remain a CPS employee during Phase 1.


Bill Iacullo, President