If you are part of phase 2 or an rfp school and would like to volunteer to be a part of phase 1 beginning July 1, 2017 please follow the message below that Chris Williams, Exec Dir of Facilities asked me pass on to you. Note this is strictly voluntary and not mandatory.


Bill Iacullo, President


Phase II Engineers

CPS is in the process of working to finalize the list of IFM Phase I engineers based on seniority.  Prior to finalizing this list we would like to ask if there are any Phase II engineers that would be interested in volunteering to move to Phase I.  By volunteering to move you would be relocated to a Phase I school and would transition with that school under Aramark or Sodexo Magic. 
If you do have interest in volunteering to transition in Phase I instead of Phase II please complete the form below by 1PM Friday April 14, 2017.